Saturday, July 18, 2015

Be Prepared for flats on the road

talk about a thorn in your side!
Punctured inner tubes just happen,
We try to prevent them by purchasing good quality tires, by watching the road for debris, and keeping our tires inflated to their proper psi but they still occur.

If you are prepared it's not so bad plus you are then able to assist other cyclists on the road too.
Here is our list of what needs to be in your tool kit every day:
patch kit
tire boot
extra tube
tire levers
proper wrenches
frame pump or mini pump.

Come by the shop this Sunday, July 19, for cookies and lemonade! We are kicking back for a few hours to catch up.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

classic steel road bike restored

This classic lugged, steel framed Trek has traveled the country and finally made it back to it's original owner here in Denver, the Queen City.

We didn't have to replace much, tires, housing. Our neighbor requested a handlebar conversion and so we accommodated his request.

Overhaul completed by Queen City Cycle.
overhauling frame, hubs, botttom bracket, headset....
new Panaracer 27" tires and tube.
Handle bar conversion featuring Ouray grips.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

generator light system

Recently a neighbor brought his new Raleigh city bike to our shop for a custom dynamo light system.  Although generator light systems do not generally come stock on new bicycles these days they should!

I can not emphasize how fantastic it is to have a light system that is only reliant on the movement of your front hub. No need to worry about re-charging batteries, removing the lights everytime you lock up your bike, or weather.

Take a look for inspiration...

Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub

Edelux II, Schmidt's latest version.
with a standlight so the LED head light remains on for minutes
when the rider makes stops in traffic.

B&M tail light with a brake sensor
the light indicates when the cyclist is braking,
standlight feature also.

Not shabby ehh?

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Motebecane, French Mixte, Overhauled

A classic that is maintained and cared for is certainly a joy to ride.

Ethan completed the overhaul earlier this Winter on this classic French mixte.  Then the owner decided to add a new Brook's Leather saddle for it's crowning glory.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breezer Bicycles

Breezer Uptown 5 in diamond or step-through frame styles.

The perfect time to add a spritely new city bicycle to your household.

Just imagine a bicycle with everything a city dweller needs.
Our Breezers offer:

  • an internally geared hub (no more greasy drivetrain!)
  • generator light system 
  • a chain guard 
  • rear rack 
  • Fenders
  • kickstand
  • and last but not least, wonderful colors to choose from. 

Breezer City Bicycles

Breezer Bikes

Our neighbors looking for a bike to take to the trails enjoy Breezer's easy riding style.
Our neighbors with 3 other bicycles enjoy Breezer's attention to the needed details for city commuting. 
Hurry for the best size selection,  303-561-3025.

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