Tuesday, May 27, 2014

custom Soma Saga

We are pleased as punch that Soma Fabrications has made their iconic Saga touring frame set available as a complete bike build this year.  But sometimes, when a customer wants everything just perfect for their brand new bike the custom route is the way to travel.

Pictured is a great Saga build that we customized for one of our Denver customers. This Saga will be used as a commuter, a road bike, and a touring bike or concisely put, an all-around steel road bike.

After our initial interview with the owner of this Saga, Ethan determined that this gent was seeking a comfortable yet sporty ride. He needs to be able to dismount quickly in traffic therefore platform pedals. Flats are a big prob. here on the front range so EverWears with thorn-protection built in were chosen. Every little piece of this component package were carefully chosen just for him.

Highlights of this build:

  • ChroMoly frame set
  • Velocity rims
  • Sugino triple crankset
  • MKS pedals
  • Brooks Saddle
  • NITTO grand rando bars
  • IRD stem and headset
  • IRD front derailleur
  • STI shifters
  • Soma EverWear tires....

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